Business segments


Anti-corrosion treatment

We offer anti-corrosion treatment of constructions and components to suit all corrosion classes, customer-specific standards and systems.

Should you need anti-corrosion treatment and do not yet have a specified system, then we will help create the right system and conditions based on your applications.

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Fire protection

Fire protection is a moral and legal obligation to guarantee the safety of staff at work.

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Special coatings

Working with leading material suppliers, we carry out repairs and reconstruction work on metal surfaces.

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Fogfri golvbeläggning

Jointless floor covering

Acrylic, polyurethane and epoxy-based membranes provide a waterproof, durable and jointless layer.

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We can apply different types of paint and coatings on all types of concrete structures.
Our application process includes cleaning, pre-treatment and mending any existing damage to the concrete.

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Apart from our services that are closely linked to each process step, we also offer consultation, control functions and guidance to help you carry out your specific project.

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